How to run a program or game as Administrator in Windows 10

A common tip to solve problems with launching or running a program or game is to try running it as Administrator, it is often assumed that the user already knows how to do this, but this is not always true for beginners.

This instruction details how to run any game or program as Administrator in Windows 10 in different ways. This is usually used for starting tools on a remote machine, but can be used on a local computer as well.

For example with psexec we can run a program as administrator (including bat-file) without requesting account controls as follows (the first option is for running as administrator a program that does not require elevated permissions by default, the second is for programs that require it, like regedit for example):

psexec -u Администратор -p password путь_к_program.exe
psexec -u Администратор -p password "cmd.exe" /c start путь_к_программе_с_запросом_uac

Run as Administrator in PsExec

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